• Hospital information in Gurgaon
  • Hospital information in Gurgaon
  • Hospital information in Gurgaon
  • Hospital information in Gurgaon

Aarvy Hospital Information

Information & Enquiry Desk

Information regarding the services offered by Aarvy Hospital is available at the Information & Enquiry desk located in the entrance lobby on the ground floor.

Emergency Services

All critically ill patients are taken in through the Emergency. The team of specialized doctors and nurses in Emergency are adequately qualified and trained to deal with patients in need of urgent medical care. The AH Emergency is operational 24X7.

Direct Number: 0124 4222270

Ambulance Services

Fully equipped ambulances, fitted with life saving equipments, are available round the clock. An ambulance is always accompanied by a specialized nurse. A doctor also accompanies the ambulance if the medical condition of the patient so demands.

Diagnostics and Other Investigations

If your doctor prescribes investigations, you will be billed for them at the Billing Desks and guided to the Phlebotomy Room located in the first basement. All the radiological investigations like CT Scan, X-Ray will also be carried out in the first basement.


Aarvy Hospital has trained rehabilitation experts and physiotherapists to help patients get back to their normal lifestyle. The department is located in the first basement. Registration and billing for Physiotherapy services is done at the OPD Front Desk.

Aarvy Health & Wellness Programme

It offers a variety of preventive health check packages designed to assess accurately the state of your health. Specific information regarding different health checks is available at the Main reception on the ground floor. Appointments are mandatory for availing a health check, and can be booked in person or over the phone, according to your convenience. Special packages depending upon the requirements of a particular organization are also available. Contact our marketing department for the same.

The Pharmacy

The pharmacy is located on the ground floor of the hospital, and can be utilized to obtain prescribed drugs and over-the-counter medications. The pharmacy also sells items of daily use, such as diapers, paper towels, tissues, soap, etc.